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peHUB Second Opinion 7.9

Got Comments for Sheila Bair? Here’s where you’ll be able to submit ‘em and read others. (FDIC)

The End of Retirement: Demography means virtually all of us will have to work longer. (Economist)

Glass Boardroom: Do women in the board room help a company’s stock price? Ask the anecdotal evidence: Lucy Kellaway. (FT)

Lowbrow Connections: What does Paris Hilton have to do with Ponzi schemes? Well, it’s a long story, but it involves a Miami fraudster, a movie about sororities and Paris shirking on the job. (AP)

At It Again: Do we call him the Oracle because of his ridiculous metaphors (which all too often involve sex)? Warren Buffet is at it again, this time suggestion we need a second stimulus bill and comparing the first stimulus to half a Viagra pill (why half?) and candy (what kind? These things matter…). (ABC news)

Chapter 11: Lenny Dykstra, sports star turned financial pundit, is bankrupt. (ESPN)

Pre-Emerging Markets: A UK buyout firm has done the largest deal to date in Africa at $244 million. (FT)

Legendary Billionare Parties: Forbes breaks down the lavish affairs of Schwarzman, Perelman, Bonderman, etc. By the way, did you know that TPG’s David Bonderman actually spent double what Schwarzman spent on his birthday party? Not that anyone was counting… (Forbes)