peHUB Second Opinion 8.1

HootSuite raises a stunning $165 million to speed the growth of its social media monitoring platform.

Bloomberg’s new cover story asks: “Can Marissa Mayer Save Yahoo?”

Condoms, iPads, and toilet paper: A day in the life of an Ebay Now deliveryman.

Google bets on custom colors with its Moto X phone, the first phone out of Motorola since Google acquired the company.

Barclays is in a bind.

Goldman Sachs still hearts its private equity arm.

A Sun Capital court ruling will make it much harder for PE funds to walk away from the unfunded pension liabilities of their portfolio companies should the companies go belly-up.

That “smart” TV you recently acquired? It may be watching you.

dozen lessons from George Soros.

The 10 luxury cars that thieves love the very most of all!

Image: Phones with wooden backs on them rest in a display at a launch event for Motorola’s new Moto X phone in New York, August 1, 2013. REUTERS-Lucas Jackson