peHub Second Opinion

peHub Second Opinion

***We all see firms and companies trying to bolster their experience by adding up all their partners’ years in the field. We also know no one really falls for that malarkey. But I have to say Alumni Capital Network has one the best one to date. According to a colleague, “they’ve been doing deals since Henry II”!

Alumni Capital Network’s capabilities are differentiated by the deep industry, functional and technical skills of its more than fifty active investors, who collectively have more than a thousand years of consulting, operations and financial experience.

***Dealbreaker says that the Weather Channel deal tells us something about our economy. That being that the best way to do a deal, or maybe a big deal, is to get your subsidiaries to finance it. And its true, lending subsidiaries of GE, Blackstone and Bain all contributed to the deal. But the firms also shopped the financing to other parties, too. All this tells us is that people are playing it close to the vest. I’m not sure what it says about our economy as a whole that hasn’t been said before. More on this deal from me later.

***The new issue of Buyouts is out, check out this story on Golub Capital. The firm has closed the only mid-market CLO of 2008.

***Heidi Klum stock index outperforming the Dow. And in consumer products companies no less!