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peHUB Second Opinion 8.13

Finance DOES Pay: Steve Schwarzman is the highest paid CEO in the US. (peHUB)

Blackstone Issues Its First Ever Bond Offering: And its for “general corporate purposes.” Is the firm on the prowl for strategic acquisitions? There are plenty of targets out there and Steve and Tony have always hinted at expanding via asset management plays. (Reuters)

Is Private Equity Creating a Microlending Bubble? Private equity funds have “poured billions of dollars over the past few years into microfinance world-wide,” leading to poor neighborhoods in India being “carpet-bombed” with loans. (WSJ)

The Real Housewives of Goldman Sachs: Part two. Now a Goldman wife has been arrested for a DWI. Oy. (Dealscape)

In Other Finance Celebrity Scandals: Madoff had an affair. (Bloomberg)

Summer Trend Stories: Private equity firms like PIPEs. Surprise! (Dow Jones)

White Papers, etc.: Recent Developments in Private Equity Dealmaking, according to Hughes Hubbard. (HH)