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peHUB Second Opinion 8.18

HA: When it comes to Leon Black, The NY Post photo illustration team was not to be outdone by the Times’ Greek god-themed image from earlier this year. No, no. The Post has stepped up by superimposing Black’s head on the body of a vulture. Get it? Because he’s buying up distressed debt! He’s a vulture! But if you read the story, you’ll learn that he’s also The Dark Prince. And apparently the Dark Vulture Prince is attempting, through a loan-to-own process, to buy Charter Communications. Keep reading for a random anecdote about Black’s past as an uncommitted high school basketball player. (NY Post)

Quick Look: The Tech IPO market-time to party like its 1999? (Deal Journal)

Should Goldman Sachs Lower its Bonuses? Some analysts think so. (Dealbook)

Crunch Crunch: The tight credit market has kept activist investors sidelined. (Reuters)

What’s a Mini-MBA? It’s a Short program that provides an overview of management essentials. (BW)

Speaking of Goldman: Lazard has lured away the firm’s IPO star to take advantage of the influx of offerings everyone is expecting in the next year. (WSJ)

Dole-PO: Bananas on the stock market. Breakingviews says: “Many leveraged companies will be forced to follow in its wake. But Dole has the early-mover advantage and its performance is good – big legs up.” (BV) Somewhat related is this Times article on the banana industry from last summer.