Second Opinion

Disreputable Edition: Drugs, Corporate Crime, Lies, Shaking Moneymakers and Dirty Linens

Wall Street Folly: Hedge fund manager George Soros is fighting for decriminalization of marijuana. I’m confused, since pop culture and even yesterday’s “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Banker” have taught me that people in finance abuse uppers, not downers.

Seeking Alpha: Jason Schwartz doesn’t feel good about all the bad data out there this year. Guilty parties include the US GDP numbers, oil bull fallacies, and yesterday’s Steve-Jobs-isn’t-dead-yet-gate. (What good journalist doesn’t add “-gate” to the end of every scandal?)

Speaking of decriminalization: An out of date corporate crime law was lifted yesterday.

New York Post: As Dan predicted, some bad news has to trickle in at the end of the slowest news day of the year. Linens N Things will likely file its reorganization plan today, but on second thought, that would not necessarily be bad news.

Freakonomics: The Winners of an economic haiku contest. My favorite:

No matter how hard
I shake my money maker,
It is not enough.