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peHUB Second Opinion 8.7

How Many Times Have You Heard This? “We’re a good company with a bad balance sheet?” Daniel Gross thinks that excuse is lame with a capital “L.” (Slate)

Why a Hyatt IPO Now? The Chicago Tribune reports that family politics are likely driving the move to take the Berkshire Hathaway-backed company public. (Chicago Tribune)

TXU Trouble: A group of lenders to the energy giant formerly known as TXU are resisting efforts by the company to amend its loan agreements, according to Dealbook.

Oh, Rich Man Follies: Will Guy Hands get away with his tax haven? (NY Times)

SWFs are Back! They may have lost their shirts investing in US Financials but they couldn’t stay away forever. “After dumping $80 billion into the (financial) sector, our data shows they are wearing shirts again, but are keeping clear of the industry that that made markets in toxic assets.” (Dealzone)

Probably Not Surprising: Blank Check acquisitions are down 53% this year, compared with the first half of last year. (Dealzone)

What’s Up With That? Having more women in the boardroom can hurt the financial performance of well-governed companies, according to new, questionable research. (FT) Interestingly the study found that women board directors have a better record of attending meetings and increased monitoring by boards has a negative effect on the company’s performance. (Clusterstock)

Tale of One Failed Buyout Firm: Cypress Group faces an investor vote as it is offering to pay back investors 70 percent of the $50 million it owes immediately. The firm is betting investors will prefer getting paid now rather than getting paid in full if and when it sells the remaining companies it owns. (NY Post)