peHUB Second Opinion 9.26

Fabio Coelho, Google’s president of Brazil operations, was arrested for not taking down YouTube videos

There’s a fifth SAC Capital fund manager tied to insider trading.

OMG the NFL and the referees’ union are reportedly nearing an end to the lockout

Larry Ellison’s net worth fell by $1 billion after Oracle shares dropped yesterday.

Mary Meeker, the “queen of the Internet,” bought a car on eBay.

Dean Foods puts its Morningstar division on the block.

Google Play crosses 25 billion downloads

Switching to ETFs and other ways to make 401(K)s work better.

Divers for Google Street View found a teensy weensy Denise’s pygmy seahorse

The iPhone 5 has a flaw. Did you see that purple haze with the camera?

Cellphones are eating the family budget.

Africa may have up to 200 hidden billionaires.

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Anthony Bolante