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peHUB Second Opinion 9.18

David the Raging Bull: More on David Rubenstein’s speech at yesterday’s PEA conference. “Private equity is back,” said Rubenstein. (WaPo)

Wall Street is Back, but Main Street isn’t.

A Little Advice: Investing is as much an exercise in controlling emotions as harnessing the intellect. (Morningstar)

Videos: Warren Buffet’s take on the recession. No bounce, but no deterioration either. (Paul Kedrosky)

Buyers Beware: Buyers of the TPG-backed IPO of Myers Group in Australia “should be extremely wary”, said Stuart Wilson, chief executive officer of the Australian Shareholders’ Association, which has 8,000 members. (Bloomberg)

Toning it Down for the Team: The Private Equiteer comments on the importance of internal negotiations, saying, “In deals and in life, you often benefit much more from not getting your way.” (PE)

Just for Fun: What News Anchors Do During Commercial Breaks. Happy Friday!