peHUB Second Opinion 9.18.08

After a two day hiatus, (conferences take a lot out of you) I’m back.

Breitbart: Coming soon, the internet, in 3D.

The Deal: Call it a class reunion, or incest, or remarriage, whathaveyou. This is certainly an “anything goes” environment for rumors, and the latest from The Deal is Morgan Stanley plus J.P. Morgan.

Fishbowl: John Carney is leaving Dealbreaker to report for Silicon Alley Insider, abandoning the Wall Street gossip blog’s editorial content to Bess Levin and now frequent contributor Equity Private.

Infectious Greed: Not quite related to private equity, but the Bush Administration has one of the top worst Dow returns.

Mergermarket: If anyone out there is still looking for M&A ideas, here is a pharmacy staffing industry buyer and seller roundup full of potential matches.

FT: I can’t agree more with Charles Goodhart that now is not the time to worry about moral hazard. Not with words like “depression,” “crisis” and “systemic” being tossed around. Like Goodhart says, no use crying over spilt milk. “The financial system must now be saved whatever past failings – as much the fault of regulators as of banks – may have been,” he writes.

Deal Professor: So many important questions about AIG.