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peHUB Second Opinion 9.24

Oracle of Style: That whole myth about Warren Buffet wearing the same suit his entire life is now debunked. The Oracle is a converted fan of Trands suits made by a Chinese “farmer-turned-fashion mogul” named Li Guilian. (WSJ)

Pile on The Fees Bandwagon: After Tuesday’s criticism on PE fees from All About Alpha, it’s not surprising that more are piling on. Personally I’m all for it, most can agree a number of the “management fees” buyout firms charge to their own companies for taking them private can get out of control. Here’s a story on the IPO-ed situations. (Breakingviews)

Blackstone wants to buy Seaworld: LolFed is working on an image of Steve Schwarzman riding Shamu … (LolFed)

Encouraging Stats: The number of female MBAs at Wharton is on the rise. (Daily Penn)

More IPO Craziness: Select medical is ready to sell, Welsh Carson and a fund jointly managed by Thoma Bravo and Cressey & Co stand to reap the rewards. (Bloomberg)

Platforms: Steve Pagliuca’s official campaign site reveals not very much yet, except that repealing the gay marriage ban is an important tenant of his run for the Senate seat. (Stephen Pagliuca)

Shady Stock Options: Congrats to for breaking the story on Marvel’s CEO’s curious pre-Disney stock options. The Wall Street Journal ran the story (with credit) today.

Ridiculous: A British store has launched a line of underwear for left-handed men to save them “time and embarrassment” at the urinal.  (Reuters)

Here’s One Place Where Real Estate is Hot: Some cash-strapped people are selling their cemetery plots, which has opened up a secondary market in the trading of gravesites. (WSJ)