peHUB Second Opinion – Happy Thanksgiving!

Losers: Twenty global moguls who have gotten creamed in the recent economic collapse, including Schwarzman (#18), India and Russia’s respective richest men, and Buffet.

Lawsuits Against PE Firms: In addition to the one Dan reported on today, Apax is also getting sued. By its own co-founder, who claims he’s been denied payment since 2001.

After Yesterday’s Beating In The Press: A Permira partner told the FT retail and leisure LBOs will need a “mathematical miracle” to retain any equity value.

Rebranding: The automakers want to change the name of their bailout to the taxpayer friendlier “bridge loan,” or even “line of credit.” Are bridge loans and lines and credit given in times of extreme financial emergencies?

Yup: The endowments are hitting the secondary market with their PE stakes as hard as the pension funds.
Ross Perot: Has seen his fund manager liquidate its fixed-income hedge fund, which saw assets fall 30%.

25 Thanksgiving Quotes: Including the old-fashioned way to celebrate the holiday– invite everyone in the neighborhood to your house, have an enormous feast, and then kill them and take their land!

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