peHUB Second Opinion – Sayonara, 2008!

(Bring on The Year of the Ox!)

Hired: Missouri’s Governor, by Solamere Capital. He’ll work with Mitt Romney’s son. (Springfield Business Journal)

One VC’s Wish List for ’09: Including Facebook getting profitable and Google cutting products and services. (A VC)

Looking for LPs?: Try the Church of England, which recently committed 150 GPB in Al Gore’s investment firm, Generation Investment Management. (Religious Intelligence)

Z2K: Do you own a Zune? Did you notice that it mysteriously failed to work at 12am, December 31? Engadget has the scoop on why.

I Love Lists: The Top Reasons Dealbreaker Invested in Madoff. (Dealbreaker)

The Aleph Blog on AIG: Three long articles on Three Big Failures.

Most Read: WSJ’s most-read articles of the year. Not one is about the economy or credit crisis, Paul Kedrosky points out. I guess that strengthens (sadly) the case for Murdoch’s version of the paper… (Wall Street Journal)

Resolutions: Deal Journal has ‘em, including a risk journal.

Headwinds: Which Airlines will fail in 2009. (BusinessWeek)

Life After Six Figures: More people are taking salary cuts to stay employed than you think. (CNN Money)

Market Movers: What GMAC’s Bond-Exchange Failure Mean for Detroit.

Comparisons: Why Dow/Rohm is no Huntsman/Hexion (Hint: its related to contingencies). (Deal Professor)

Thanks, Paris Hilton: For shopping. You personally will save our economy. (AFP)