Second Opinon

Dog Days Edition: The New York Post, The Blackstone Group, infrastructure analysis, and lazy(?) Wall Streeters, and bored reporters, and a slow, slow exit market.

Reuters: Don’t expect the exit market to break and turn attractive anytime soon, Candover’s chairman said.

New York Observer: Laid off Wall Streeters are enjoying their time off. That’s cute. (Via Dealbook).

Dealbook and Dealscape: Thanks to both of you, now, I don’t feel so bad for (A) scrambling to find stories in the slowest week of the year and (B) complaining about it through thinly veiled excuses for pseudo-news stories. Incidentally, that Dealscape blog post is interesting—its not every day the Times and Journal go with the exact same story taking totally different angles.

Wall Street Folly: Speaking of slow news days, Another take on the Blackstone-Smurf news that’s slightly amused me. (Dan’s take here.) Never in my professional career did I think I’d be putting those two words in the same published sentence, much less hyphenated. Just, wow.

CNN: Both personal and commercial bankruptcies are up. So where’s all the distressed deals? I know you have money….

NY Post: I’ve already addressed the AMI story, but wanted to comment on the fact that the Post just couldn’t resist throwing in a completely unnecessary sex scandal reference (after throwing the man’s unfortunate name in the headline, no less).