peHUB Second Read

Keeping it light for the Friday afternoon edition.

***Dealscape shows us this week’s PE exit activity. While there’s only a handful, most of them have pretty stellar return multiples. Platinum blows everyone out of the water with their 25X homerun on Preferred Freezer. How did they do it? Three add-ons and a CEO.

**Sentiment is mixed between humour and distain on Valleywag’s message board regarding the resignation of Flickr founder Stewart Butterfield. With new employment opportunities in the finance sector hard to come by, not many of us have the luxury of telling our bosses to shove it these days, let alone in a clever, ridiculous parody. Personally, I’m a fan.

*** Speaking of job loss, Credit Suisse adds to the body count. The New York Post writes, “While the exact scope and timing could not be learned, one person familiar with the plan described this round of layoffs as cutting “muscle, not just fat.” Ouch. My very very lowball estimate of layoffs was around 31,000 last count. Anyone have a more accurate number?

***Carl Icahn and his blog are being monitored, analyzed and critiqued like the tabloids on a troubled young starlet. I counted 14 reviews though I’m sure they’re many, many more.

Seriously though, people. I know Dan proposed a few good theories as to our fascination with his blog, but are the internet musings of Carl Icahn worthy of this much commentary? Oddly enough, trolling through these reviews doesn’t feel like a walk down an echo chamber. Most notable is Silicon Alley Insider’s list of suggested blog topics for the world’s richest blogger is notably clever.

My question is—do you think he reads the comments? Some people have posted long comments that read like love letters, some even in letter form. (Highlight: Someone named Sue Mazir writes, “Will you marry me, lol?!!!! It’s like you have my thoughts…eh…or me yours is more like it. I absolutely MUST become under your employ.”