peHUB Top 10

What’s the latest at peHUB? On a somber week–in the wake of Veritas Capital founder Robert McKeon’s suicide–guest bloggers had some very popular posts and Connie Loizos read tea leaves into the future of VC.

1. Mahendra Ramsinghani is the man! His clever post on “How to Get $20M Pre-Money” took the cake this week

2. Reuters covered tragic news of Veritas Capital founder Robert McKeon’s suicide

3. Show must go on! Bernard Vaughan covered Veritas’ plan to move forward in the wake of McKeon’s death

4. Connie Loizos covered the future of VC—which appears to be getting overrun by overzealous entrepreneurs!

5. Jonathan Marino had the latest moves from Bregal Sagemount

6. Our Reuters friends had the latest on Carlyle’s next fund

7. Going back to Cali! That’s what Joanna Glasner says corporate VC money is doing

8. You could be his silver springs: Mark Boslet has the latest move from Silver Spring Networks

9. Guest blogger David Tom weighed in with a post on hidden debt in LBO funds–$40 billion of it!

10. How’s Advent’s 05 fund doing? Well enough to keep CPPIB happy, our Angela Sormani reports

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