peHUB Top 10

The ‘away’ team takes it on this NFL playoff weekend! Check out peHUB’s top 10 stories, including guest posts from Menlo Ventures’ Mark Siegel, author Mahendra Ramsinghani, LDJ Capital’s David Drake, and AARM Corp. CEO Gitanjali M. Swamy.

1. David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital, led the pack this week with his ’13 predictions

2. Joanna Glasner covered the Zipcar deal

3. Gitanjali M. Swamy, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of AARM Corp, is also our new “Returns Doc!”

4. Jonathan Marino covered VCs’ big moves from ’12

5. Mahendra Ramsinghani, an author, and regular guest with us, said he’s got some good news looking into the new year

6. Mark Siegel, Managing Director with Menlo Ventures, has reasons for why VCs should be so enterprising in 2013

7. Connie Loizos took a look at how legal eagles are investing

8. Private equity pros don’t think too much of the fiscal cliff resolution, Luisa Beltran wrote

9. Clancy Nolan covered GTCR’s latest

10. Angela Sormani wrote about a secondary deal between PE players

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