peHUB Top 10

In this week’s top 10, we’ve got LBO deals galore, fundraisings and the IPO class of 2013.

1. Jonathan Marino offered up some draft picks and odds for 2013’s IPO class

2. Luisa Beltran kept readers in the know when the Dell buyout news broke

3. Steve Bills covered Apollo’s latest fundraising move

4. And Luisa Beltran kept an eye on Sterling Investment Partners‘ latest fund

5. Connie Loizos reported on TCV’s latest effort, too

6. In case ya missed it, check out Reuters’ in-depth piece on KPCB’s John Doerr.

7. Luisa Beltran covered Deutsche Bank asset management’s latest drama

8. David Toll covered one GP’s deal with an LP

9. Luisa Beltran also wrote about one deal between large-cap LBO shops

10. And, Luisa Beltran had the numbers on Advent’s Five Below deal, which looks great for Advent

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