peHUB Top 10

This week, we had news–BIG news–in the form of Yao Ming, some fundraising stuff, and Peter Thiel’s big deal.

1. Joanna Glasner tracked KP’s wins (and flops)

2. Reuters always has latest the word on the Best Buy deal

3. Luisa Beltran had the score on the Ares fundraising

4. Reuters covered Peter Thiel’s big stake sale

5. And Reuters had some solid analysis on the reaction of other investors

6. Jonathan Marino covered one BIG name to come into the PE game. And we mean BIG.

7. As per the uzh, Bernard Vaughan had some fundraising news

8. Luisa Beltran also pitched in with another fundraising scoop

9. Bernard Vaughan also covered Aurora Capital’s potential next big deal

10. Reuters covered’s high hopes

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