peHUB Top 10

Who said August is a slow news month? Reuters had big coverage of Blackstone’s personnel prep, peHUB had LP news galore, and our guest bloggers lined up some posts to round out the last week of summer. Here’s the top 10:

1. Reuters’ exclusive on the Blackstone turnover team prep (and, not of the delicious, apple nature) was the biggest news of the week with our readers

2. David Toll broke down which funds from the top quartile are likely to repeat

3. Mahendra Ramsinghani’s argument on why VCs ought to go solo was our guest post of the week

4. Mark Boslet has the latest VC investing trend covered

5. Luisa Beltran covered New Mountain’s rip on the Deltek deal

6. Gregory Roth has a hot hand, and he knows which LPs are selling–and, in this case, who’s buying in

7. Bernard Vaughan covered Golden Gate’s sad-face day

8. Connie Loizos asked whether this cat Sam Hamadeh is for real, or what?

9. Luisa Beltran covered Willis Stein’s latest move

10. Things are getting randy at peHUB–Randy Hawks, that is

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