peHUB’s Top 10 Posts

What was the big news for the last week? PeHUB tracked big fundraising announcements, one really big investigation and some even bigger news for job seekers–who keep coming back to the Hub for more.

1. Luisa Beltran had some ideas for how YOU can break into PE

2. Jonathan Marino covered the big mess in Texas at the Scooter Store

3. Connie Loizos covered the big names in VC for ’12

4. As always, Angela Sormani had the ever-popular Jobs of the Week post

5. Connie Loizos was first to the news on Sequoia’s scout fund

6. Reuters covered the big Pinterest funding news

7. Matt Stewart weighed in with a guest column for us on growth equity

8. Reuters also had the news on LivingSocial’s funding round

9. Luisa Beltran covered the Carlyle earnings news

10. And Jonathan Marino broke down a slew of PE studies

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