Photos from peHUB at Fenway Park

peHUB yesterday participated in Field of Dreams, an event in which a group of 16 peHUB readers played softball at Fenway Park, to benefit a summer jobs program here in Boston (ABCD SummerWorks).

First, a HUGE thanks to everyone who donated and participated. The generosity of peHUB readers is a consistent joy, with more than $35k raised for various organizations since the beginning of last year. Second, kudos to my corporate overlords at Thomson Reuters, who kicked in to buy shirts for our team (we would have looked ragtag without them).

Third, the Narragansett Brewing Co. emailed yesterday morning, inviting all peHUB players and our “fans” over to The Baseball Tavern for a complimentary post-game celebration. Extremely kind of them (and Tavern owner Jimmy), because we were very thirsty. I now consider Narragensett Lager to be the official brew of peHUB.

Finally: We won, beating TD BankNorth by a final score of 15-13. I think each of our players got at least one hit, we had some outstanding fielding plays and yours truly missed the cycle by a homer (sorry for the brag). Just a magical day. If you were on the fence about participating this year, I urge you to participate next year. It completely lived up to the grandest of expectations. Here’s a slideshow of photos that have filtered in so far (the professional ones come next week):

The peHUB Field of Dreams Roster

Rashid Ashraf (ArrowPoint Ventures)
Ian Charles (Landmark Partners)
Stuart Chaffee (Leerink Swann)
Joe Christinat (Thomson Reuters)
Tamar Dor-Ner (Bain & Co.)
Jay Hernandez (Harris Williams)
Jason Jenkins (Intex)
Candi Jenkins
Jim Kime (DDJ Capital Management)
Jordan Levine (U Chicago Investment Office)
Ed Pease (Brown Rudnick)
Dan Primack (peHUB)
William Primack (UNC Med)
Jessica Reed (Alta Communications)
Ken Schweter (Thomson Reuters)
Bill Sigona (Fletcher Spaght)
Geoff Smith (Ascent Biomedical Ventures)