Piccing raises $3.6 mln in Series A funding

Piccing, a social-shopping platform, has raised $3.6 million in Series A funding from a group of undisclosed investors. Piccing has also officially launched after quietly amassing 42 million members.

Press Release

Piccing (http://www.piccing.com), the next-generation social-shopping platform, today announced its global launch alongside a $3.6M Series A funding round led by a group of undisclosed investors. Piccing enables consumers to “picc” an image, “picc” up to five items within the image, comparison shop “picced” items in real-time, and buy them directly online. The company’s global launch reinforces the goal of Piccing to make every item in an online image accessible and purchasable to consumers. Piccing has quietly amassed 42 million members who have “picced” and curated over 1.8 billion items to date. “Picced” items are curated collections that are also shared with the Piccing community, allowing other members to buy the items as well. An updated Piccing iOS mobile application was also announced today. A short video of how Piccing works can be viewed here.

Piccing is the first visually driven, next-generation social shopping platform to facilitate interaction, engagement, and purchase between consumers, brands and publishers. The platform allows brands to turn every image into advertising space, create full-funnel consumer exposure from inception to purchase, and expand e-commerce – all while obtaining valuable consumer insights and business intelligence.

“Piccing is at the center of it all – content, commerce, and community – and sits at the intersection of interactions between consumers, brands, and publishers. Every day billions of photos are uploaded and shared, and Piccing is uniquely positioned to facilitate these interactions and capture all opportunities,” said Dirk Spielmann, CEO and co-founder of Piccing. “If a picture says a thousand words, Piccing allows users to do a thousand things with one image. Now that image – and the experience – is that much richer.”

Consumers are passionate about brands and clamoring for new and easy ways to interact with them. Piccing fulfills this market need by creating a one-stop shop for consumers from discovery to sale, thus closing the loop and making it easy for consumers to purchase the things they want from the brands they love.

Piccing is currently partnered with 334 global brands including Nordstrom, Armani, Booking.com, Swarovski, Zappos, Benefit Cosmetics, Oakley, and offers consumers access to over 10.4M products. Piccing sits in the “Internet Trifecta” of content, community and commerce. Together, consumers, brands, and publishers are part of social shopping, reinvented.

Download the Piccing mobile app on the Apple App Store or read more at http://blog.piccing.com.

About Piccing
Piccing is the first lifestyle shopping experience built on a visually driven, social platform that enables users to access, engage with, and buy multiple items within an image. Our desktop and mobile applications are uniquely positioned to facilitate interactions between consumers, brands, and publishers – enabling content, community, and commerce through a single platform. Piccing allows members to upload any image, tag items within those images so they or others can buy the exact or similar items. Every online image can be turned into “advertising” space, exposing a brand to a new audience group, based on the trusted recommendation of the Piccing member.

Piccing is a privately held company with offices in San Francisco, New York City, Zurich, Cape Town, and Hong Kong. Read our blog, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or learn more at http://www.piccing.com.

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