Pivotal Group backs SnapNurse

Pivotal Group has made an investment in SnapNurse, a platform for nurses and other medical professional staffing.

Pivotal Group has made an investment in SnapNurse, a platform for nurses and other medical professional staffing. No financial terms were disclosed.


ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SnapNurse, the new market-leading platform in nurse and other medical professional staffing, today announced it has received a strategic investment from Pivotal Group after exponential growth since 2019. SnapNurse’s platform enables placement of medical staff needed within 48 hours and is critical to the US healthcare system as it supports the stresses of COVID, natural disasters and an aging population. The funding will be used to fuel their continued growth nationwide in support of healthcare facilities of all types.

CEO and founder Cherie Kloss along with partners Jeff Richards and Kirk Martin have established SnapNurse to be the new standard for staffing in delivering hundreds of nurses to clients within 36-48 hours. The investment by Pivotal is intended to assist the company with its continued growth and software development as they look to become the market leader in supporting facilities through COVID, strikes, and ongoing operations.

“We have grown exponentially just this year alone,” Kloss said. “It’s exciting to fix so many problems in our space and enable the more than 50,000 nurses currently on our platform to support their communities by SnapNursing. We have fully automated the process of finding, credentialing, mobilizing and paying our nurses even on the same day as their shift. Our recent financing and partnership with Pivotal Group will enable us to continue our rapid expansion as the quickest solution for quality medical staff and quality medical facilities to connect for temporary needs. The pandemic has accelerated the realization that slow paper-based processes are a thing of the past. Our technology enables us to source and place medical staff instantly.”

“We believe SnapNurse’s rapid growth is due both to their incredible technology and understanding of how to make the process easier for both healthcare professionals and facilities to get to the goal of taking care of patients, instead of being bogged down with slow legacy processes and cumbersome credentialing paperwork,” said F. Francis Najafi, CEO of Pivotal Group. “This platform not only enables our healthcare system to access and choose the best available talent needed either daily or mid-pandemic, but also allows nurses or any medical professional to find quality work on their terms.”

SnapNurse’s meteoric growth is supported by two of its proprietary technology platforms, Paymint and InstaStaff, which, with this funding, will now be open for use by additional firms. Pivotal’s Francis Najafi and Tyler Rives also join SnapNurse’s Board of Directors as of closing.

SnapNurse provides the only technology platform for quality nurses and medical professionals to find short term engagements without the hassle of paperwork and job boards, as well as allowing medical facilities to find the most relevant staff instantly. SnapNurse’s underlying technology, Instastaff, enables management, time and attendance, and credentialing, while Paymint allows for instant and daily payments to nurses. These tech processes power massive scale and quality for both facilities and medical professionals. For more information, please visit https://www.snapnurse.com/, https://www.instastaff.com or https://www.paymint.today/.

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