PODCAST: Outmaneuvering cyber threats

The cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly shifting. Find out how PE operators are keeping up in the latest episode of our Disruption Matters miniseries.

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This podcast is sponsored by AlixPartners. 

In the world of cybersecurity, the threat landscape is constantly shifting. To keep up, regulators and private markets participants have to be agile while also thinking long term. Ransomware, supply chain attacks, data theft and wire fraud are just some of the threats that businesses and firms face every day. So how are these challenges being met?

We ask this question and more to AlixPartners’ CEO Simon Freakley and managing director Beth Musumeci in a discussion joined by Lovell Minnick operating partner Bill Neuman and Thompson Street Capital Partners director of operations Brad Strahorn.

Hear the conversation on the third episode of our five-part podcast series, Disruption Matters.