Poll: Has Partner Ellen Pao’s Suit Against Kleiner Perkins Changed Your Opinion of the Firm? – UPDATED

UPDATE: Kleiner Perkins is right to be worried about its reputation after getting sued by one of its partners for gender discrimination, early results from a peHUB poll show. Of the 143 people who took the poll, just 45 (or 31.7%) say their opinion of the firm hasn’t changed since they learned of the suit. But 55 respondents (or 38.7%) say their opinion is now “much more negative,” and 42 respondents (or 29.6%) say they now have a “slightly more negative” perception of the firm. Has your perception of Kleiner Perkins changed? Take our quick poll.

Kleiner Perkins appears to be worried that the gender discrimination suit filed against it is tarnishing the firm’s image. Witness John Doerr’s open letter published on Kleiner’s website today.

“[U]ntil this matter is resolved I hope those judging Kleiner Perkins will remember one thing about us: our pioneering track record in diversity,” Doerr writes “We have long believed the best thinking comes from a diverse set of minds and have highly valued diversity in our partnership and ventures.”

Certainly, the allegations made by Partner Ellen Pao in her suit portray Kleiner in a bad light. But does the firm really have anything to worry about at this point, since nothing has been proven in a court of law?

Let us know if Pao’s suit has changed your opinion of Kleiner Perkins by taking our quick poll.

Image credit: Poll concept photo courtesy of ShutterStock