Poll Results: Nearly 75% Think We ARE In an Internet Bubble

In case anyone is wondering, we are in an Internet bubble.

That’s according to the results of our weekly poll. Yesterday, we wanted to know if our readers thought we were in another bubble. (The first Internet bubble, the so-called dot. com bust, occurred early in the last decade.) A very resounding 74.6% think we are in a bubble. Of course, this means that 25.4% don’t think we are.

So why all this hyped-up bubble talk? Because Pandora Media, which is unprofitable, went public this week and did okay. (Of course, Pandora’s shares yesterday fell below their offer price, so maybe some people are worried.) Pandora’s IPO followed the rousing debut of LinkedIn, which rocketed 109% in its first day. Fusion-io and Yandex (the Russian Facebook) also did well in their market debuts. Groupon is expected to go public soon (despite its losses) and could have a $25 billion valuation.

We also asked readers to take out their crystal balls and tell us when the bubble will burst and how bad will it be. Surprisingly, many of you think that this Internet crash will come after Facebook launches its long-awaited IPO. Mark Zuckerberg’s company is expected to go public early next year with a $100 billion valuation.

“It will burst in Q2 2012, as investors realize yearly earnings for these new companies aren’t on the upswing and flee their holdings,” one person wrote in.

“It will burst sometime during the beginning of 2012,” another person said. “It will be pretty bad when it bursts as liquidity will surely become a major issue.”

Several readers were very cryptic. They predicted a downturn in either 2012 or 2013 and that this Internet crash will be “bad.” That’s it. One reader said the downturn won’t be “as bad as ’01.”

Another person said the bubble will burst in the “next 8 to 12 months. Fallout will hit everyone, while acting as a litmus test for business models that provide real value to customers and shareholders.”