Post Capital completes investment in Ironmark, First-time funds get a new page!

Buyouts unveils its new Emerging Managers page.

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Our shiny new Emerging Managers page is up and running, complete with our highly subjective list of first-time and early emerging manager funds. I see the list as a living document, which will be updated frequently with new names as we get them.
The page contains a news feed with all the new stories we’ve worked on, as well as our annual Emerging Managers report and cover stories. We have stories about newbies like Leon Capital, Rubicon Founders, Lone View Capital, Riverspan Partners and Sandbrook Capital.

Check out our new page here and hit me up with thoughts about interesting new firms that are getting ready, or already raising, their first or second funds at

Printing: Post Capital Partners completed an investment in Ironmark, which provides print and communications services in the mid-Atlantic region. The company offers a suite of services in commercial print, digital marketing and web development, creative agency and promotional products management, writes Obey Martin Manayiti on PE Hub today.

Post Capital operates under the deal sourcing and investment strategy dubbed “Executive First,” in which the firm partners with talented senior operating executives who have deep expertise in a particular sector and works with them to identify investments.
For Ironmark, Post Capital chose to work with Jeffrey Riback, who is joining Ironmark’s board of directors. Riback previously worked as president of Toppan Merrill, which provides financial printing and communication services. Read more here on PE Hub.

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