Private Equity Breeding Grounds

If you want to become a private equity pro, does it matter where you go to undergrad or graduate school? And does that correlate to the larger matter of getting a good education?

The intuitive answer is affirmative, and now there’s some data backing it up. BankersBall has compiled the alma matters of investors at six of the nation’s largest private equity firms: Bain, Blackstone Carlyle, Providence Equity, Silver Lake and Warburg Pincus. There are obviously some major firms missing (e.g., KKR, Apollo, TPG), so let’s call this guidance rather than a scientific study.

What BankersBall found is that two schools — Harvard and UPenn — produce far more private equity pros than any other university. They both also happen to rank within the Top 5 for both undergrad and MBA programs, according to those rancid US News rankings. Ditto for show horse Stanford, which lags far behind.

You can view the entire chart over at BankersBall.