PRIVEQ Announces $4.7 Million Investment in Accipiter Radar Technologies

PRIVEQ Capital Funds recently announced that it has added its first portfolio company to its PRIVEQ IV LP fund with a $4.7 million investment in Accipiter Radar Technologies, a provider of advanced radar technologies for national defense and border patrol purposes. The investment in the Niagara-region company will be used for company expansion.


PRIVEQ IV Limited Partnership is pleased to announce that it has closed its first investment. PRIVEQ invested $4.7 million in Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc. (“Accipiter”). Founded in 2006 after an intensive 12-year R&D effort, Accipiter is a global provider of radar systems and wide-area radar information network solutions especially effective with small uncooperative targets and particularly focused on homeland security, bird strike prevention/aviation safety and environmental protection applications.  Accipiter’s head office is located in Fonthill, Ontario and Orchard Park, New York.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.