ProspEquity spins off investment banking practice

ProspEquity Partners has spun off its investment banking practice as Spaulding Group. Bryan K. Spaulding, managing partner and chief compliance office, will run Spaulding Group while Christopher D. Ramonetti, managing partner and CEO of PEP, will continue to lead the private equity firm.


TAMPA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Christopher D. Ramonetti, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of ProspEquity Partners LLC (PEP), and Bryan K. Spaulding, Managing Partner and Chief Compliance Officer, announce that they have completed a spin-off of PEP’s investment banking practice whereby Spaulding will run Spaulding Group Inc. as an investment banking firm focused on M&A, compliance and business brokerage services and Ramonetti will run PEP as a focused private equity group.

“We both view this as a net positive that will position each entity to achieve significant success in identifying, vetting and leveraging promising opportunities for which each is uniquely and exceptionally qualified,” said Ramonetti.

“Spaulding Group will continue to provide superior investment banking services to owners of mid-sized businesses, including founders, high net worth individuals and private equity groups,” commented Spaulding.

Ramonetti announced that ProspEquity Partners is focused on direct investments that have strong intellectual property and unique and scalable value offerings especially in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space.

ProspEquity Partners works intimately with family offices and other independent sponsor limited partners to identify and invest growth equity in direct investment opportunities, generally between $3M and $30M. PEP utilizes its ecosystem of expertise and access to aggressively scale proven product or service offerings toward a major exit through initial public offering or strategic acquisition, Ramonetti explained.

ProspEquity Partners’ due diligence process takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to identify liabilities and spot opportunities for growth and partnership, fully utilizing its ecosystem of available resources. Combined, the core ProspEquity team of resources has successfully completed over 20 M&A deals at a value of $4.6 billion and IPOs of $1.6 billion and has over 75 years of successful “C-Suite” experience in a variety of businesses ranging from middle-market to Fortune 50 companies.

ProspEquity Partners builds prosperity beyond wealth with a unique, 3-tiered business philosophy that differentiates PEP in the private equity space:
PEP invests and inspires people because people are the transformative competitive advantage and key to innovation, productivity, growth and profitability.
PEP infuses not just capital and expertise, but proven methodologies and processes that enhance the culture and entrepreneurial spirit of portfolio companies.
PEP genuinely believes that prosperity means superior and lasting economic and social value for all stakeholders, including investors, employees, customers and the community as a whole.

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