Prynt raises $7 mln

Prynt said Nov. 15 that it closed a $7 million Series A round led by GGV Capital. San Francisco-based Prynt connects physical and digital photos with augmented reality. Prynt has raised a total of $9.5 million in funding.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – November 15, 2016 – Prynt, a San Francisco based company connecting physical and digital photos with augmented reality (AR), starting with the first-ever photo-printing phone case, announces strategic business partnerships with major retail partners including Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Urban Outfitters.


Prynt closed a $7 million Series A financing led by GGV Capital, a leading U.S./China venture capital firm, that will focus efforts on building the company and expanding the boundaries of augmented reality photography. Prynt has received a total of $9.5 million in funding.


Prynt lets users save a video inside each photo, allowing them to relive any moment through the app with augmented reality (AR) technology. Simply attach the Prynt Case to any smartphone, take a photo followed by short video, and get a printed photo in 20 seconds. After printing the photo, users can share the Harry Potter-like effect with the app.


“We founded Prynt with the goal of reimagining how people share digital content in the physical world. Prynt lets you relive moments and share them in a way you couldn’t before,” said Clément Perrot, CEO and co-founder of Prynt.


Perrot adds, “Now, through our partnerships with a game-changing group of investors and a growth strategy that includes some of the world’s leading retail brands, our mission is to accelerate the expansion of Prynt, create a new space for augmented reality photos, and to further extend people’s personal connections through photography. “


Top global firm GGV Capital led the Series A round of funding, with support from additional investors who have shown their confidence in Prynt’s product expertise, technological skills and business acumen. This pivotal round will allow Prynt to:


  • Broaden the availability of its popular photo-printing case in the U.S and Europe through partnerships with major online and offline retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Urban Outfitters and others.
  • Accelerate the adoption of augmented reality photos globally with proprietary technology.
  • Expand product and feature roadmap to meet high consumer demand.
  • Increase hiring of U.S. team members in the areas of product development and marketing.


“We are excited to partner with entrepreneurs who know how to create an engaging consumer product experience and are enthusiastic about the potential of its mobile app, and the kind of social interactions it enables,” said Hans Tung, Managing Partner, GGV Capital.  “In addition, the team’s focus is evident as it continues to add name brand retailers to its roster.”


Prynt ships worldwide on Amazon and is available both in-store and online at Best Buy, Target, and Urban Outfitters in the U.S. In the U.K., the product can also be purchased in-store and online at Harrods, John Lewis and Selfridges.


To find more information about Prynt, visit us or follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.


About Prynt

Prynt is the first-ever photo-printing phone case that brings your photos to life! Simply attach the Prynt Case to your phone and take a photo plus a video. Then, print it out! When you hand your photo to a friend, they can use the Prynt app to unlock the hidden video, magically bringing your Prynt photo to life!


Co-Founders Clément Perrot and David Zhang founded Prynt in June 2014 in Paris, France. Former engineers with a passion for creativity and photos, the team has grown to 30 based in San Francisco.