Pursway Adds Dave Ellenberger as CEO

Pursway Ltd., a big data marketing analytics company backed by Battery Ventures, has named Dave Ellenberger has been appointed chief executive officer. Pursway uses big data analytics and proprietary algorithms to help marketers improve the returns on their marketing spending. Ellenberger has worked as the CEO of multiple companies, including 170 Systems Inc. and DataSage Inc.

Pursway Ltd., an emerging leader in big data marketing analytics, announced today that Dave Ellenberger has been appointed Chief Executive Officer as the company moves into its next phase of growth. The Company helps leading marketers such as Sony, Orange and several of the world’s largest financial services companies to dramatically improve the ROI on their marketing spend. Pursway uses big data analytics and proprietary algorithms to identify the true purchase influencers in any consumer universe. Analyzing existing customer information as well as publicly available web data, Pursway assigns a “PIVO score”, which is much more accurate and reliable than metrics derived from social media or other means.

Mr. Ellenberger is a seasoned technology executive with more than 25 years of experience in the software industry, having served as the CEO in multiple growth stage companies. At 170 Systems, Inc., he grew revenues many fold via marquee customers such as Google, Starbucks, and Verizon, resulting in a successful acquisition by Kofax plc. At DataSage Inc., he led a successful expansion strategy that resulted in a $600M acquisition by Vignette, Inc.

“Pursway’s leadership team has conceived and built a unique capability and product that is being validated by some of the most respected marketers in the world today,” said Mr. Ellenberger. “Every brand marketer dreams of harnessing the power of big data to boost their word-of-mouth marketing, and that’s what we deliver. I look forward to working with the team to help many more customers realize those dreams.”

Pursway’s solutions enable leading global organizations in industries such as retail, financial services, hospitality and mobile communications to realize measurable 3-5x ROI improvements in key areas like customer acquisition, cross-selling, and churn prevention. The Company has been recognized by Word of Mouth analyst firm Keller Fay as “…one example that illustrates that there are scalable methods for recognizing real-life social networks, cracking the code for how influence really works, and allowing companies to identify and reach such people in large numbers” (How Influence Works, Admap, Dec 2012).

With this appointment, Elery Pfeffer, founder of the Company, will become Chief Science Officer. “This is an exciting time at Pursway, and we’re lucky to have found a great executive to help us build on the vision that my co-founders and I set out,” said Mr. Pfeffer. “The industry is abuzz with the idea that Chief Marketing Officers are on track to outspend Chief Information Officers in the years to come, and we’re confident we can help ensure those dollars are most effectively used.”

Pursway’s patent-pending technology uses big data analytics and proprietary algorithms to help companies identify which individuals within their customer base truly influence the purchase decisions of others. Just as a FICO score indicates an individual’s credit worthiness, Pursway’s PIVO score indicates the influence that individual has on others. Pursway provides different PIVO scores for different topics, reflecting the reality that an individual’s influence over others will vary for different products and services. Companies can use that knowledge to target, market to, and communicate with their high influencers to drive increased revenue.

About Pursway
Pursway empowers consumer-facing organizations to close the gap between how they market and how people buy. The Pursway patent-pending technology enables companies to identify, measure, and impact how opinion leaders shape their followers’ purchasing decisions. Using Pursway’s big data analytical solutions, leading global organizations in industries like retail, financial services, and wireless communications are realizing significant improvement in the ROI of customer acquisition, cross-sell, and churn prevention efforts.