Rebellion Media Acquires VC-Backed Incentivibe

Waterloo, Ontario-based Rebellion Media Group Corp., a creator and acquirer of digital media properties, has acquired Incentivibe, a company that pools small businesses so they can hold shared contests with prizes. The non-disclosed deal marks the first acquisition of an early-stage company from Communitech’s year-old HYPERDRIVE startup accelerator program. Incentivibe was also a portfolio investment of U.S. angel organization Canrock Ventures.


Rebellion Media has acquired Incentivibe, a business that pools small and medium-sized companies so they can hold shared contests with expensive giveaway prizes while paying just a fraction of the prize cost.

The deal marks the first acquisition of an early-stage company launched through Hyperdrive, a Waterloo-based tech incubator created by Communitech last year.

“Incentivibe was a unique opportunity for us,” said Ted Hastings, CEO of Rebellion Media. “We knew Incentivibe through Hyperdrive, and were impressed by the passion and ingenuity of the two co-founders. The Incentivibe acquisition was a natural fit for Rebellion — we saw great potential in their platform, both as a standalone business and as a traffic engine for the growing Rebellion portfolio.”

Since its pilot launch six months ago, Incentivibe has enlisted hundreds of online businesses in its cost-sharing program and has helped them incentivize more than two million customers. Additionally, Incentivibe has helped businesses consistently generate thousands of unique visitors and leads per month while increasing their lead conversion rates by 50 to 200 per cent.

To expand its reach, Incentivibe has built strategic partnerships with key players including Shopify, BigCommerce, Unbounce and Lexity. The company has also established affiliate relationships with several marketing agencies serving small and medium-sized businesses, giving Incentivibe access to several hundred thousand businesses within its target market.

Incentivibe co-founders Adeel Vanthaliwala and Abdul Basit Munda will continue to build the company with the added benefit of Rebellion’s infrastructure and industry expertise.

“With Rebellion’s deep expertise in digital media and online marketing at our disposal, we’ll be able to scale Incentivibe to thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in a short period of time,” said Incentivibe CTO Munda.

“We had strong interest from several potential investors but Rebellion’s backing made perfect sense for our long-term success,” said Vanthaliwala, CEO of Incentivibe. “Uniting with Rebellion is a big step towards our goal of quickly becoming a dominant player in the shared-incentives market. We’re thrilled to focus on our next chapter with the freedom to rapidly grow our business unburdened from the pressure to continuously fundraise.”

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