Reflective Venture invests $6.3 mln in four blockchain start-ups

Reflective Venture Partners committed $6.3 million to four separate blockchain technology related start-ups and organizations. Reflective committed $2 million in SHOP, $1 million in Resonate, $300,000 in Xpansiv and $3 million in Dekrypt Capital.

Press release.

Reflective Venture Partners (“Reflective”), a privately owned and managed blockchain technology fund, today announced during the first quarter ending March 31, 2018, the firm has committed $6.3 million to four separate blockchain technology related start-ups and organizations. The list of companies that received commitments: SHOP, Resonate, Xpansiv, and Dekrypt Capital.

Reflective originates from an ongoing strategic partnership with RChain Cooperative, a third generation blockchain platform that will allow developers to build self-sufficient, high-performance applications with built-in industrial grade scalability, security and speed. The innovative potential of each portfolio company is directly related to an increasing interest among cutting-edge distributed applications (dApps) and talented developers regarding RChain’s blockchain platform.

Reflective has committed to strategic partnerships and corresponding financial agreements with the following four companies:

  • SHOP ($2 million), a distributed and decentralized commerce platform and tokenized data exchange built atop smart contracts. SHOP’s protocol allows brands and sellers to run their entire commerce operations while rewarding shoppers for sharing tokenized data that is demonstrably valuable to other users of the system. For more information, visit

  • Resonate ($1 million), is a co-operative on a mission to remake streaming. Made by and for musicians, their new #stream2own model means artists get paid fairly, and fans can own music again. Resonate is building the future of culture. For more information, visit

  • Xpansiv ($300,000) extracts and refines production data of commodities, such as natural gas, and transforms it into Digital Feedstock™. Leveraging distributed ledger technologies, Digital Feedstock is a unique, digital commodity with a complete attributional profile and provenance back to the source. Digital Feedstock can be used to track the environmental externalities, unique standards, certifications, and operations quality that vary between different production sites to create new products and inventory through the complete lifecycle of the commodity, from production to trading desk. For more information, visit

  • Dekrypt Capital ($3 million), a blockchain investment firm with an emphasis on privacy preserving protocols and early-stage ventures. Dekrypt Capital is owned and operated by the founders of Blockchain at Berkeley, a student-run organization at UC Berkeley dedicated to serving the Berkeley and greater East Bay crypto and blockchain communities. For more information, visit and

Greg Heuss, Managing Partner with Reflective Venture Partners, said, “We are extremely excited about these commitments and look forward to developing an ongoing relationship with an innovative group of dApps. We’ve set out to reach consumer driven dApps by working with and mentoring Resonate and SHOP. Clean energy awareness is at the top of RChain’s core values so Xapansiv made perfect sense. And lastly, the opportunity to partner with Dekrypt Capital was incredibly satisfying as it allowed us to form a strategic partnership with Blockchain at Berkeley.” Continued Heuss, “The path we are creating is turning the capitalization model for early-stage applications on its head. One of our goals has been to disrupt the traditional venture capital model and we feel we’re off to a great start.”

About Reflective Venture Partners
Based in Seattle, WA, Reflective Venture Partners, a blockchain technology fund, originates from an ongoing strategic partnership with RChain Cooperative, a third generation blockchain applications platform. To reinforce RChain’s objectives, Reflective Venture Partners incubates, capitalizes via service agreements, and designs strategic financing and token generation events (TGEs) for innovative blockchain specific dApps and complementary technologies and tools that have strong growth potential and will provide a meaningful contribution to the RChain blockchain ecosystem in the form of appreciable utility value and increased market adoption. For more information, visit