Regarding Henry…

Henry Kravis seems to have followed Steve Schwarzman to Nowheresville (just south of St. Tropez), according to the WSJ’s Dana Cimilluca.

Kravis was scheduled to give a breakfast presentation on October 2 at the New York Public Library, but has now canceled. In fact, Kravis hasn’t been seen much of anywhere lately. No reasons were given for the cancellation, which caused Cimilluca to wonder if Kravis just doesn’t want to answer questions about KKR’s ill-advised IPO attempt (“ill-advised” is my phrasing, not Cimilluca’s).

My completely uninformed view would be that it’s bigger than the IPO, since he could just wave off such inquiries by invoking the sacred “quiet period.” Instead, Kravis may want to avoid questions about KKR’s recent deal activity, including its billions of dollars in hung bridge transactions. KKR got caught with its pants lower than most other firms when the bubble burst, and it’s got to be embarrassing for #51 on Vanity Fair’s list of the New Establishment