Regimen Equity Partners raises $60 mln for debut long-life fund

Canadian private equity firm Regimen Equity Partners has closed its inaugural fund at more than $60 million in committed capital.

Regimen Equity Partners LP and a parallel vehicle were backed by high-net-worth individuals and three institutional investors.

The fund, which has a 30-year life, will invest in Canadian small and medium-sized businesses over a long horizon. Managing Director Cooper Seeman said the strategy will allow Regimen to stay invested in each company for 15 years or more.

Regimen, which since 2015 has acquired five companies, has offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Edmonton. It is led by Seeman and Managing Directors Gerry Bellerive and David Eisler and Vice Presidents David Koa and Paul Shaw.


Regimen Equity Partners Announces Successful Close of Inaugural Fund

January 10, 2019

Vancouver, British Columbia

Regimen Equity Partners Inc. (“Regimen”) is pleased to announce the successful final close of our inaugural private equity fund, Regimen Equity Partners Limited Partnership (“REP LP”) and Regimen Equity Partners Parallel Limited Partnership (“Parallel LP”) (collectively, the “Fund”). In total Regimen has raised over $60 million from high net worth individuals and three institutional investors.

“Four years ago, we saw a need to provide Canadian entrepreneurs a long-term private equity option and stepped in to fill that void. Our fund has a thirty-year life, so we look to stay invested in each company for 15 years or more allowing us to hold and grow our winners over a longer timeframe than most private equity funds,” said Cooper Seeman, Managing Director. “Regimen employs a continuous fundraising approach which offers substantial advantages to investors: wealth managers are able to allocate additional client dollars to our fund year after year versus having to identify and diligence a new manager each year, and high net worth investors avoid having to set aside funds in underperforming cash to be able to meet capital calls at a moment’s notice.”

Since inception, Regimen has acquired five companies located in four provinces in significantly different industries, which are all consistent with our strategy of building a diversified portfolio. With the closing of the Fund we have substantial liquidity and are actively seeking new investment opportunities and future business partners. Consistent with our continuous fundraising approach, Regimen expects to return to market later in 2019 with a new fund. Any investor interested in learning more about the next opportunity to invest with Regimen should contact Cooper Seeman directly or via our website.

About Regimen Equity Partners:
Regimen is a private equity firm specializing in the ownership transition of small to mid-size Canadian organizations. By partnering with skilled executives, we transform profitable enterprises into industry leading players through strategic acquisitions and best management practices. Forming meaningful and lasting relationships, Regimen creates significant wealth over the long term through a multi-decade approach of measured and sustainable growth. Regimen has offices in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto. To learn more about Regimen Equity Partners, visit

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