Report: John Lilly Leaving Mozilla for Greylock

John Lilly is stepping down as head of Mozilla in order to become a venture partner with Greylock, reports Kara Swisher. He took over at the open-source software nonprofit in early 2008, after having previously served as its chief operating offiver.

Lilly would become Greylock’s third venture partner, joining Tom Bogan (chairman of Citrix) and Charles Chi (former VP of marketing for Ciena Corp.).

According to several sources, John Lilly, the well-regarded CEO of Mozilla, is preparing to give up his post at the open-source software nonprofit foundation, which is also a for-profit start-up.

Lilly is moving to Greylock Partners as a venture partner, sources added, although the affable entrepreneur could eventually end up doing a start-up.

Lilly (pictured here) became CEO of Mozilla in early 2008, after serving as its COO. He took over from Mitchell Baker, who remained t