Retired is the New Working

We have a candidate for strangest VC entrant of 2008: Retiro Venture Partners, a Menlo Park-based shop quietly launched by Larry Mohr and Sal Gutierrez.

Some of you might be wondering: “Who are Larry Mohr and Sal Gutierrez?” The rest are thinking something closer to: “Larry Mohr and Sal Gutierrez? What the [pick your own vulgarity]?”

For those in the first group, Mohr helped co-found venerable Mohr Davidow Ventures 25 years ago. He hasn’t been directly involved with MDV since 1995, which corresponds to his general absence from the VC marketplace. He did a handful of angels deals earlier this decade — including LNL Technologies, SeeControl and ViaFone — but Mohr was openly retired.
Gutierrez’s retirement came much more recently, but was considered just as legit. He left Western Technology Investment at the end of 2007, after 20 years on the job. Before that, he had held finance and marketing positions with Wells Fargo Bank and Imperial Bank.

Those close to MDV and Western Tech said they’ve heard rumors of a pairing, but nothing definitive. peHUB has found a regulatory filing indicating that the pair has already raised $18.2 million from investors like Makena Capital.

We’ve also located a one-page website, with a phone number that leads to voicemails for Mohr and Gutierrez. I left messages for both, but no word back yet.

Kind of fascinating, particularly given that LPs usually back emerging managers because the exude an air of “young and hungry.” Larry Mohr and Sal Gutierrez may be lots of great things, but young and hungry are not among them.