Ridiculous Press Release of The Day: “Boob Job Biz Sagging”

A year into this economic mess and the recessionary PR pitch is already a cliche: “It’s the recession, and everything is bad, but my client is the one person/group/firm to defy all odds.” It got so bad that we even wrote a story asking for no more “The Middle Market is Still Strong” pitches (mostly because it is not).

But today’s laughs in the face of redundant, irrelevant news stories. Before I reveal it, I should mention that over the past year, I’ve attempted to be removed from this PR firm’s mailing list multiple times by phone and email. There may be an audience for these pitches, but clogging the inbox of a reporter at a pretty narrowly focused business trade pub like peHUB or Buyouts just seems silly. And clearly the firm isn’t reading even peHUB as this isn’t the first time I’ve highlighted its offerings.

Anyways, the story is this: It’s a recession. The volume of cosmetic surgeries performed has dropped. Except for one person, Dr. Yan Trokel, “a top New York Cosmetic Surgeon [who] has patients lining up outside his Manhattan center just waiting to get their little nips and tucks!”

In case you were waiting for the business angle, it’s a bit buried, but it’s there:

Even though we are in full recession mode, cosmetic surgery seems to not be an area where people are skimping and saving, and the need to spice up their looks to stay competitive in the workforce seems to be outweighing the size of their wallet!

So, if I interpret this correctly, in order to stay competitive, one must spice up ones look, which outweighs the fact that one may have a lighter wallet, which I can assume is caused by one getting laid off. Oh, did I mention Dr. Trokel’s special Y-Lift procedure costs a mere $10,000 to $45,000? Thanks for the tip, 5wPR!

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