Ringleader Raises Series A

Ringleader Digital (fka: MoPhap), a New York-based mobile advertising network, has raised $6 million in Series A funding led by W2 Group.




Ringleader Digital, formerly known as MoPhap, today announced a $6 million Series A Round of venture funding led by W2 Group, a next-generation marketing services company. Ringleader will use the infusion of capital to continue building out its premium mobile advertising network, bolster corporate development and increase global marketing efforts. For W2 Group, the investment is yet another indicator of the organization's aptitude for identifying and advancing the next disruptor in the digital mobile space. The strategic value in this partnership for Ringleader is the relationships that can be leveraged in the W2 top-tier portfolio of technology and healthcare clients.



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As of today, Ringleader falls under the W2 umbrella of next generation companies offering a range of advertising, communications and marketing services to a long list of technology and healthcare clients.


“Ringleader is the first mobile advertising network that finally fulfills the promise and potential of the Mobile Web,” said Larry Weber, CEO of W2 Group. “Right now, other mobile advertising networks are complicated, segmented and filled with guess work and administrative headaches. Ringleader takes online advertising and puts it on mobile devices. It doesn't get less complicated than that.”



Common mobile advertising practices typically require the use of server-side software that inherently brings exclusivity to inventory access. Also, mobile ads are often limited by different device requirements. The result is a complex and costly mobile advertising experience that requires multiple relationships between publishers, ad servers, ad networks and sometimes carriers for one single campaign. With delivery of third-party ad serving, Ringleader eliminates all of these complications.


Ringleader's next generation mobile advertising network works with publishers, carriers and advertising agencies to extend the online advertising experience to mobile. Ringleader has created a device-agnostic network that is the only third-party mobile advertising service to specifically deliver ads by device functionality. This means that Ringleader can seamlessly deliver ads on any available mobile network and distribute ads that work best with an end-user's device. For example, Ringleader would only serve a video ad to a phone capable of playing it.


“Ringleader can increase the value of an advertiser's inventory by providing a solution that generates higher fill rates,” said Bob Walczak, CEO of Ringleader. “But, perhaps our biggest value to our customers is the ability to integrate Ringleader into their current online campaign management systems. This gives our customers the same control and insight into their mobile advertising that they already experience with their Web campaigns.”


Ringleader has already delivered mobile campaigns for brands such as Best Western, Absolut and Blu-Ray.


About Ringleader Digital


As the next-generation mobile advertising network, Ringleader Digital brings the online advertising experience to mobile–fulfilling the potential and promise of the mobile Web. Ringleader's device-agnostic network is the only third-party mobile ad service, and is the first to specifically target ads by device functionality. Ringleader simplifies advertising transactions and delivery by providing brands and publishers the ability to seamlessly and simultaneously distribute ad campaigns across any mobile digital platform. With this unprecedented control, publishers maximize the revenue potential for ad campaigns while brands and advertisers can finally track and audit every element of a campaign's effectiveness. Ringleader is based in New York City. For more information please visit www.ringleaderdigital.com.


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