Riverside acquires ProbelteBio as an add-on

The Riverside Company has acquired ProbelteBio, a creator of bio-active molecules and functional ingredients for healthy and natural dietary supplements, as an add-on for its Euromed platform. No financial terms were disclosed. Grant Thornton and Uría Menéndez advised Riverside on the transaction.


The Riverside Company has added Probelte Biotecnología S.A. (ProbelteBio) to its Euromed platform. Based in Murcia, Spain, ProbelteBio develops and manufactures ingredients for natural dietary supplements. Barcelona-based Euromed provides standardized herbal extracts and natural active substances for the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and cosmetic industries.
ProbelteBio has built a strong reputation for its innovative research and development capabilities in creating marketable bio-active molecules and functional ingredients for healthy and natural dietary supplements. The company holds 10 worldwide patents for extracts developed from pomegranates and olives. It boasts its own state-of-the-art production facility, allowing for full quality control and traceability.

“ProbelteBio offers a number of exciting opportunities for Euromed,” said Riverside Partner Karsten Langer. “We’re excited to add momentum to Euromed’s already impressive growth.”

CEO Euromed Xavier Roig said the ProbelteBio addition offers a number of benefits.

“In addition to enhanced production capabilities, this combination will bring more products to Euromed’s well-developed international markets, and boost Euromed’s considerable R&D capabilities,” said Roig.

ProbelteBio’s principal products are Pomanox, a fresh pomegranate extract rich in punicalagins with antioxidant, fatigue decrease and other health-improving properties; Mediteanox, an extra virgin olive extract with high content of hydroxytyrosol, an antioxidant used to improve blood circulation and reduce cholesterol levels.

Thanks to strong market demand and Euromed’s global commercial network, it has been growing at double digit rates in the last years. ProbelteBio’s state-of-the-art facilities will bring substantial capacitiy production to Euromed with considerable room to expand in the future to support company’s growth. The ProbelteBio plant has capabilities in water-based extraction and purification processes, adding options to Euromed’s strength in other solvent-based extraction.

Working with Langer on the transaction for Riverside were Principal Rafael Alvarez-Novoa, Principal Damien Gaudin and Associate Michele Volpe.

Grant Thornton and Uría Menéndez acted as Riverside advisors in the transaction.

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