Rob Theis Leaves DCM

Updated: Rob Theis has left venture capital firm DCM-Doll Capital Management, where he joined as a general partner nearly eight years ago. No information yet on why he left, or where he’s going next. Maybe it has to do with the mess at Adam Aircraft, where he was a board member. Maybe not, given that he’s also had some exits lately (NeoPath to Cisco, VanceInfo to IPO). We’d check his blog for info, but it seems to be out of commission.

As of last check, Rob was sitting on eight boards: Adam Aircraft, JasperSoft, PGP Corp., SignaCert, Spoke Software, Vernier Networks, VanceInfo and Wikinvest. He also was named a 2007 Superstar of Venture Capital” by, which is a like poor man’s version of The Midas List. Or at least a struggling entrepreneur’s version… Actually, those are often one in the same.

Anyway, I’ve left messages for both Theis and DCM, and will let you know if/when I hear something back…

Update: David Chao of DCM writes in to say that Theis actually left last May, which makes this very old news. Apparently I was out of the loop… And so is Theis’ LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, which still lists DCM as his employer.

Update II: It seems that Theis began transitioning out of DCM last May, but the entire process will not end until this May.