Rubenstein Sees Plenty of Reasons to Be Optimistic about U.S. Buyout Market — Video

Tired of all the “nattering nabobs of negativism” who can’t find a kind word to say about the U.S. economy? Take a listen to this interview of Carlyle Group co-Chief Executive David Rubenstein.

“The U.S. in my view is without doubt the greatest place in the world to invest in private equity…and in terms of non-private equity, as well,” Rubenstein told Reuters Editor in Chief Stephen Adler at the Buyouts East conference last Thursday.

“In terms of private equity you have the rule of law, you have transparency, you have the best infrastructure for doing deals, low interest rates, quality managers to, the ability to exit. It really is not replicated any place in the world,” he continued. “So even though our growth rate in the United States this year, best case would be 3 percent…doesn’t mean necessarily deals are going to be spectacularly successful, all the other factors I just mentioned makes it so much easier to do deals – risk adjusted – in the United States that nothing else is even close.”

Photo of David Rubenstein (L) and Stephen Adler by Chris McIntosh for Thomson Reuters. Property of Thomson Reuters.

Watch video of the full interview below.