Second Opinion

Murder in Belize: Fortune’s dive into the incredibly strange tale of John McAfee.

Benchmark’s Bill Gurley on 10 factors to consider when evaluating digital marketplaces.

The class of new Goldman Sachs directors has just been released! Break out the Schramsberg J schamm 1999. Okay, the Cuvee Annamaria Clementi 1993. Yes, of course, Krug’s Clos Du Mesnil 1995.  (Our apologies.)

Looks like this time, Kmart is offering shoppers a flat-line special.

Want to know who the most powerful people are in “mobile?” Start here.

A Congressional report to be released tomorrow squarely blames  MF Global’s collapse last year on — and this is truly not at all shocking — former CEO Jon Corzine.

A Rothko fetches a whopping $75 million at a record-setting Sotheby’s sale.

Netflix investors are clearly hoping for a buyout, says Seeking Alpha.

Spotify social updates from Dickensian England.

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