Second Opinion (Hurricane Sandy Edition)

Apple’s iOS chief is out the door.

Apple’s senior VP for retail is also gone.

Chinese leaders’ image takes another hit.

Stanford tops the six colleges whose alums attract the most VC financing.

Michael Milken continues to loom large as a symbol in the world of white-collar crime.


Hurricane Sandy closed the markets but some on Wall Street say it didn’t have to.

Seven places to track Sandy’s path.

Forty-one dogs that are ready for Hurricane Sandy.

Star tweets about Sandy.

Fallon tapes his show without an audience, while Jimmy Kimmel shuts his down.


Pumpkins can weigh in excess of 1,000 pounds.

Image: A woman with her luggage and a dog make their way to Wall Street station, to get out of lower Manhattan in New York October 28, 2012.Credit: Reuters/Carlo Allegri.