Self-Promotion Alert

I’m doing a twofer on CNBC tomorrow. First up will be a 6:50am segment on Squawk Box, where we’ll discuss how so many of those take-privates are (gasp) actually getting closed. Then I’ll be on the third segment of Fast Money, to talk M&A outlook for the rest of 2007. Show begins at 8pm.

For context on the Squawk Box appearence, here’s something from today’s Ahead of the Tape in the WSJ:

“Hedge funds that bet on stocks of takeover targets, many of which have been hammered on fears they won’t be sold, are calling in reinforcements. More than six big funds have gone to investors to raise fresh capital to buy such stocks, which have been trading at historically wide discounts to the bid prices. These so-called side-pocket funds or managed accounts are being designed as short-term investments to profit from dozens of deals that are likely to get done this year — despite fears that the credit crunch might prevent these deals from getting the funding they need to close.”