Self-Promotion Alert

I’ll be on CNBC’s Squawk Box tomorrow morning shortly after 7am, to ramble on about the state of private equity deal-making. Not exactly sure what the specifics will be, although I’m sure we’ll touch on Q4 outlooks, falling returns and some individual company I wasn’t prepared to talk about.

For prep, I asked out number crunchers to run some deal data, vis-à-vis the overall M&A market. Private equity accounted for around 11% of global M&A in July, and that number has risen to 14.6% so far in August. Overall, we’ve had 95 deals so far this month, valued at around $12.7 billion. Download the chart here: Private Equity M&A.xls

It’s also worth noting that today we had three multi-billion dollar exit announcements, with PE firms selling U.S. companies to foreign entities in each case (see here, here and here). That’s more coincidence than trend, but PE firms will take any liquidity they can these days. Hell, there were too many exits even before the credit crunch and the dividend recap alternative has disappeared…