Self-Promotion Alert

I’ll be on CNBC today at 3:15pm ET, to discuss the current state of private equity. Not sure who else will be appearing alongside, although they’re apparently trying to snag an actual investor (too many pundits spoil the soup).

The impetus was this piece in today’s NY Times, which talks about how leveraged loans are tightening up. Kind of similar to last week’s column by Doug Kass, which called private equity the next financial shoe to drop.

My general take the market is in some dire straits, but not so dire that most firms won’t eventually be able to crawl up and out. There will be at least one major firm collapse (now taking nominations), horrible returns on 2006/2007 deals and bargains for those willing and able to buy now. Is that wishy-washy enough? Maybe I’ll solidify before the camera right goes on…

Update: Watch here.