Self Promotion Alert

I’m headed to school today. No, this is not a career change. I’m visiting a journalism class at my alma mater, San Jose State, for a career day. I have regularly spoken to classes there or participated in SJSU’s Magazine Day over the last 16 years for my former magazine prof Harvey Gotliffe. One year, I was speaking off the cuff and I told the audience my next gig would be for an Internet publication and that most of them would never work for print. I was trying to shake up the panel, but the students thought I was full of it. At the time, in the late 1990s, many of my colleagues were jumping ship to earn twice their salaries at Internet-only pubs. Well, 10 years later, many of those former colleagues are either back in print or not in the business and I work for a company whose brand strength is based on print (though we want this peHUB to take off).

I mention all this cause I’m curious to hear from any budding journalists out there. My sense is that the current generation of J-school students are more receptive to work online. In fact, I think most aspire to have their own blog, if they don’t already, and that print doesn’t have the cache with today’s youth as it did for me. Am I wrong? Let me know.